Production Line

Production Scale

Omini PCB Company has more than 200 employees and 10,000㎡ factory area. The monthly output volume is 30,000㎡.The company has advanced printed circuit board manufacturing technology, master the production process and production process control technology of the industry, as well as highly professional product production technology development team. Our products covering 2-48 layers board, thick copper plate, high frequency board, high speed board and other special PCB board, we dedicate to be best manufacturer provide one-stop service to meet various demands of customers.


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Production Equipment

Our company have enough machines and equipments to ensure the quality, delivery date and volume. There are more than one hundred equipments, can complete the production process of circuit board.

  1. CNC Machines: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are used to drill holes, cut the PCB material to size, and create the copper traces according to the design specifications.

  2. Solder Mask Printing Equipment: This equipment is used to apply a layer of solder mask to the surface of the PCB, which protects the copper traces from oxidation and contamination.

  3. Silkscreen Printing Equipment: This equipment is used to print identifying information, such as component labels and part numbers, on the surface of the PCB.

  4. SMT Pick-and-Place Machines: Surface Mount Technology (SMT) pick-and-place machines are used to accurately place small components onto the PCB, such as resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits.

  5. Reflow Ovens: Reflow ovens are used to melt the solder paste and attach the components to the PCB. The PCB is heated to a specific temperature to melt the solder, and then cooled to solidify the joints.

  6. AOI and X-Ray Inspection Equipment: Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection equipment are used to inspect the PCB for defects, such as missing components, misaligned parts, and solder joint quality.

Please check the following list is shows our partial production equipment:  (The table below shows only part of the devices)

Process Machine Quantity Brand
Drilling Drilling machine  21 DT
PTH H-PTH 1 Commend
Dry Film CCD exposure machine 5 KS
Plating SEC 2 UCE
Solder mask Semi-auto silk screen printer 9 HD
Silk Screen Auto legend screen printer 6 HD
Rout Rout machine 21 TL/ED
Test Fly probe 12 Joint Stars
FQC Auto de-warpage 2 MST


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