• China OMINI ELECTRONICS LIMITED company profile
  • China OMINI ELECTRONICS LIMITED company profile
  • China OMINI ELECTRONICS LIMITED company profile
  • China OMINI ELECTRONICS LIMITED company profile
  • China OMINI ELECTRONICS LIMITED company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands Omini
No. of Employees 200~500
Annual Sales 80,000,000-100,000,000
Year Established 2001
Export p.c 70% - 80%


Omini PCB founded in July 2001 in Shenzhen, is a large-scale PCB manufacturer with a history of 22 years. We specialize in the production of high precision double layer board, multi-layer board, flexible board, HDI, metal core board and PCB Assembly Service.

Our experienced team of engineers and designers work closely with our clients to ensure that our PCBs meet their specific needs and requirements. We use the latest design software and manufacturing techniques to create PCBs that are precise, reliable, and efficient.Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers.

Our products are widely used in communication equipment, computer, industrial control, power electronics, household appliances, automobiles, medical instruments, security electronics, aviation and other high-tech fields.


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Our Team

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Sales Team

  • Provide back office support for all kinds of professional staff within the enterprise.
  • Establish and coordinate relationships with various managers in the customer organization
  • Find important customers for the company and promote the development of the company


Quality Team

  • Avoid any unqualified products, ensure a perfect shopping experience for customers .
  • Strive for perfection, seeking higher quality level.
  • Follow ISO 9001:2008 system strictly.
  • Strict inspection to Raw material, production, and delivery, make sure every step in the production process is accurate.


R&D Team

  • Responsible for technical training plan, and organize the implementation, constantly improve the quality of operation personnel business technology.
  • Solve the product in the process of production of technical problems, responsible for the production of technical problems in the research, analyze and solve work.
  • Innovate more production technology, according to the feedback to adjust the process of production.

Company Values

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Customer Satisfication 

We ackowledge that we offer our customers the most competitive price, maintain the higest quality, provide customers with satifactory service. We strive to understand the demand of our customer, find out what the customer really wants and provid accurate solution for them.

Company development 

Omini focus on cultivating the technical level and thoughts of employees comprehensively, improving the company's service level. We constantly update our manufacturing machines, accelerate the development of technological innovation, contantly improve the quality of our products and save costs.

The aim of Omini is build the world-class PCB manufacturer.

Work excellence 

Every employee is motivated and works hard. We creat the best work environment and formulate attractive incentive mechanism to promote employees. Our group work in unity and close cooperation to strive for excellence. We are committed to provide customers with best electronical solutions.


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Sustainable future

Omini focus on RoHS Compliance and Lead free. We are commited to fulfill the most basic environmental responsibilities, save engergy and recycle the material . Our ISO14001 Certificate can be proved we insist of the sustainable development. Omini make the effort to the world's environmental protection.

technology development

We are recruit new engineers every year to renew knowledge data of our company, encouraging major executives to learn advanced industry technologies, promoting the development of technology.

economic growth

Economy is a multi-aspect word. Omini not only focus on the economic development of the company, but also to the prosperity of the national economy. We positive response national policy, strictly comply with law and eliminate tax evasion. Omini boost the economic development, simutaneously increase the incomes of employees.

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